IDE Group Peering Policy

IDE Group (AS25577) are a UK based NSP offering a wide range of connectivity and hosting products to the enterprise and service provider market. More information about our products can be found at our main website

IDE Group are currently public peering in London on the LINX LON1, LINX LON2 and LONAP IXPs. We are also able to private peer in a number of data centres in the London area, Manchester, Milton Keynes and Bournemouth. Please see our PeeringDB page for a complete list.

We operate a selective but generally open peering policy subject to the following requirements:

Operational Requirements

Technical Requirements

IDE Group reserves the right to:

By peering with IDE Group, peers expressly waive any right to compensation for accepting traffic from or delivering traffic to AS25577 and it's downstream ASNs.

If you would like to peer, please send an e-mail to our peering address with the relevant information.